If your order did not arrive when you expected, you can use order tracking to help you find out where it is. Your tracking number will be shown in your shipping order email that you should have received. Please follow the tracking link to the courier’s website to see the status of your order. If you are an Erotic Naughtiness account holder and you were logged in when you placed your order, the tracking code will also display in the Order history section of your account. Log in to your account If your order has not arrived in 5 days after you had expected it to, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help, by contacting the courier on your behalf.

We do not accept returns on personal products. If the product arrives damage or does not work then please contact us and we will take care or replacing the item or applying a refund, which ever you choose.

We ship all order in discrete boxes for your privacy. You will be given a full list of shipping options in the check out process. We do our best to make sure you receive you order in a timely manner. For more information on our shipping policy please click here.

FAQs about privacy and security

Absolutely!!!! We take security very seriously. You can check out more about our privacy policy here.

It is a pretty long read, but our privacy policy tells you how we may use your personal data and what we do to keep that data safe.

Erotic Naughtiness will ABSOLUTELY NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, sell your data to a third party. We only use your data for marketing purposes of our own, for example sending you email offers when you sign up for emails or asking you to leave a review of our products or service via a third-party provider.
You can read our full terms and conditions here to find out more.

HELP!! My toy has stopped working!!!

Toy not working. Try these quick tips to solve common problems – let us get you back doing what you want to do!!!!
Try your toy with new batteries and it might spring into life. Always remove batteries when your toy is not in use. Some toys will drain batteries if you leave them in while not in use, so always take batteries out when you put your toy away.
Different toys take different numbers and different types of batteries. Double-check the instructions that came with your toy – either on the packaging or in an enclosed leaflet. The ‘specifications’ section of product page on our website will also tell you which batteries your toy needs.
If your toy doesn’t work, it could be because you’ve put the batteries in the wrong way. Double-check the instructions and make sure you have put the batteries in the right way.
Some vibrators, especially bullets, are supplied with the batteries already inserted. These often have a small paper disc in the battery compartment that needs to be removed before you can turn the vibrator on. You can also double-check that the plastic sleeve that lines the battery compartment is in place. The plastic sleeve is needed to make the connection complete and the paper disk is there to stop the toy from turning on while it’s in transit.
The batteries included with some toys are wrapped in a clear plastic seal. The batteries will not work while the seal is in place, so you will need to carefully remove it.
Make sure you have charged your toy for the recommended time – some toys can take 24 hours to charge fully. Double-check the instructions – a rechargeable toy normally has a light that flashes during charging and a solid light to indicate that it is fully charged.
It is best to use normal batteries rather than rechargeable ones. Rechargeable batteries can be slightly bigger and may cause issues when closing the battery compartment. We do not recommend the use of rechargeable batteries in any of our toys.
With many twist-base toys you need to ensure the base covering the batteries has been tightened as much as possible – sometimes an extra twist can make the toy work. Sometimes on older toys the springs can get compressed so they do not maintain contact well with the battery – a gentle tug on the spring can help reinvigorate the tension required to keep the battery contacts together.
Most rubber, PVC or vinyl dildos tend to smell very strongly due to the nature of the materials and the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to removing this smell. However, it should gradually fade if washed regularly with warm water and mild soap.

If none of the above has done the trick, we’re very sorry! Please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the problem for you as quickly as possible.

FAQs about shipping

We offer many different shipping options which vary in cost depending on how quickly you want your order to arrive. Free shipping is available on orders over $59.99. There will be a complete detailed list of shipping options in the shopping cart when you check out.
Please see our shipping policy for more detail.

We can ship all over the world. To find out if we ship to your country, create an account, or go to the shopping cart to see if your country is available in our country shipping list.

We ship all orders in boring brown boxes or plain envelopes so that the only person getting excited about your delivery is you. To see more detail on our shipping policy, click here.

Yes. All our couriers offer order tracking as standard. You will receive information via email on how to track your order once your order is shipped. For more information on our shipping policy click here.

FAQs about orders and payment

You can pay with credit or debit cards – we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. You can also pay via PayPal.
Try your toy with new batteries and it might spring into life. Always remove batteries when your toy is not in use. Some toys will drain batteries if you leave them in while not in use, so always take batteries out when you put your toy away.